Why I made my Diary public!

Posted by arshi aggarwal on 2:31 AM
Why do some people just need to post everything on social networking websites? Isn't it annoying to see posts about someone's new haircut or someone's new puppy! Some people post just random stuff, like a tree they liked or a bee that came in their house. What  derives the  universality of this 'stupidity'? When I relocated to "developed world' the first FB post on arrival that I saw was about a person asking a similar question - why people who go to foreign countries feel the need to click and everything and post it online, and well he had several supporters. I have been asked this question by many people here in University also. Exactly why do I want to post pics on sharing sites? Well its very much the same reason I am writing this blog - to share my feelings.

When I was a confused teenager (confused I still am) I started writing diary, thought it would help clear the fog in my mind. It helped to a certain extent, but then I found it so easy to just write stuff down than say it that I started writing all important feelings and instead of expressing them to rightful people. I would just hope that someday they would read my diary by mistake. Stupid wishes of a stupid girl! In fact, when I first fell in love I started writing my diary on random pages of my rough notebook with a hope that someday 'my guy' would borrow it for class notes and behold he would read all my secret feelings for him. Alas! That never happened. But since then I knew that even if I write my feelings down in my diary I still want people to know about it. Everything - from what I felt when I saw man spit on the road to my new song on mp3.

From what I have learnt from the numerous liked pages on Facebook (not a great place to learn unh?!) we are in the same boat. Everybody feels exactly the same way when it comes to some inane feelings. Being the social animals we are, we always look for company, communication, knowledge that there is someone out there who knows what we are doing, feeling, going through, rejoicing, repenting. It makes the process easier.

What I think is Facebook, Instagram or any other such website is nothing more than a diary we are trying to keep so that we can collect our footprints on this earth and making sure where they are. 


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